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Kids Surfing Development Program

nudie SurfGroms develops a proficiency in surfing that kids can enjoy and embrace for a lifetime and offer youngsters an opportunity to have loads of fun at the beach whilst developing strong ocean awareness and beach safety skills at a very influential period in their lives

nudie SurfGroms Program

nudie SurfGroms is a kids development program facilitated by selected Surfing Australia affiliate surf schools around Australia.  The program is focused on the development of kids surfing and covers all aspects from Ocean Water Safety through to Performance development.  Surf Sessions has our regular coaching team on hand as well as guest mentor coaches and local elite surfers to give their support.  Click on the above link for more info or contact Surf Sessions on .

The Surf Sessions nudie SurfGroms program is focused on the surfing development of kids ages 5 – 12 years old.

Surf Sessions coach from 5 year old beginners to some of Australia’s leading high performance junior surfers, so we have all abilities covered.  Our focus is on the development of good surfing technique as well as ocean awareness and in surf confidence through education and practical exercises.

What is SurfGroms

  • nudie SurfGroms is a national junior development program for 5-12yr olds that encourages kids to participate in surfing around Australia

  • nudie SurfGroms consists of a series of lessons

  • Every participant receives a free backpack containing a Rash Vest & other products.

  • Every nudie SurfGrom will receive a logbook; a certificate; a nudie SurfGroms membership card.

  • The nudie SurfGroms website hosts a powerful and secure social networking platform that allows registered nudie SurfGroms to communicate with one another; upload photos and videos; and stay in touch with all of their surfing mates

  • nudie SurfGroms is the first cutting-edge national junior participation program, never before done anywhere in the world!

 Skill Levels

nudie SurfGroms feature 5 distinct skill levels, each with its own set of objectives and goals. Each level needs to be achieved before moving onto the next.

Level 1 is designed for complete beginners as an introduction to surfingthrough to Level 5 which is conducted in 3-4ft conditions, and in which participants must demonstrate a competency in linking manoeuvres together on the open face of a wave.

 Surf Safety

Throughout the nudie SurfGroms program and each of the 5 skill levels, there is a significant focus on Ocean Awareness and Beach Safety.

Surf conditions, etiquette, first aid, and basic surf rescue skills have all been incorporated into the nudie SurfGroms program.  Before any nudie SurfGrom receives a completion certificate and their graded wristband for each level, they must have successfully demonstrated all of the relevant ocean awareness and beach safety skills.